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New Lünendonk® Book 2017: Auditing and Tax Consulting

The book is available here in our shop.

New Lünendonk® Survey 2016: Auditing and Tax Consulting in germany

The survey is available here in our shop.

New Lünendonk® -platform

Current Management Topics for Business and IT decision makers.
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NEW: Lünendonk® analysis in cooperation with Deltek

Increasing customer needs and profitable project management require integrated software solutions. The analysis is available here for free.

NEW Lünendonk® special analysis 2016: providers of technology consulting and engineering services

The list is now available for free in our shop.

New Lünendonk-Survey 2016: Revival of master data – Is insufficient data quality hindering digital transformation?

The survey is now available for free.

New Lünendonk-Survey 2016: „Market for IT-Consulting and IT-Service companies in Germany”

IT-provider and their customers obtain important figures and extensive information. The survey is now available in our shop for free.

Lünendonk List and Survey facilities services in Germany

Questionnaires for 2017 are available. Participate.


New Lünendonk-survey® 2016: facility service providers in Austria

The survey is now available in our shop.


New Lünendonk® survey: Personnel Recruitment and Staffing Services in Germany

The Lünendonk® survey is now available in our shop.


  • Lünendonk®-Studie: Consulting 4.0 – Mit Analytics ins digitale Beraterzeitalter - more


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