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New Lünendonk® Survey 2016: Auditing and Tax Consulting in germany

The survey is available here in our shop.

New Lünendonk® -platform

Current Management Topics for Business and IT decision makers.
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Lünendonk®-survey: Business Innovation/Transformation Partners

Lünendonk®-survey„Business Innovation/Transformation Partners” is now available for free download.

Lünendonk®-Survey 2016: Facility Service Companies in Germany

The survey is available here in our shop.

Lünendonk®-List 2016: Industry service providers in upswing

Restructuring spurs companies’ growth. Lünendonk®-list 2016 “Leading industry service providers in Germany“ is now available for free download.

New Lünendonk® survey: Zeitarbeits- und Personaldienstleistungs-Unternehmen in Deutschland

The Lünendonk® survey is now available in our shop.


  • Lünendonk®-Liste 2016: Managementberatungs-Unternehmen in Deutschland - more


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