Facility Management / Industrial Services

The facility management and industrial services industries are dynamic, people-driven service markets with cut-throat competition. Both are growth markets in Germany. One cause for this is increased
outsourcing. While FM concentrates on secondary property
and building processes, industrial services focus on services
of plants and machines.

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Facility Service

Facility Service is a sub-discipline of facility management. Since 2004 Lünendonk have mainly been analysing building infrastructure and technology management for business properties, auxiliary properties and residential properties.

This labour-intensive business concerns itself with topics like cleaning, catering, security, gardening and building technologies like lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary facility as well as elevators and escalators. Beyond these, commercial activities like consultancy, controlling and management services are also part of this field.

Lünendonk monitors not only facility services but the entire facility management market (FM). Facility managers concern themselves with all tasks which are necessary for creating and using the property and other parts of capital assets (like technological equipment, fleet etc.) of a company during the entire lifecycle (planning, construction, operating and use, modernisation, refurbishment, revitalising, removal) of a building or an industrial plant. This is why even asset and property management, software solutions (CAFM) and consultancy are defined as FM tasks.

Industrial Services

To allow for more accurate and relevant comparison, industrial services providers are not included in Lünendonk’s established facility management analyses. Instead, Lünendonk provides a dedicated market analysis for this area, on the one hand because some FM suppliers gradually started offering industrial and repair services as well, on the other hand because classic industrial services providers enhance their portfolio by including FM services.

The interest in “machine-related industrial services” in Germany is growing. Despite long-lasting fears about globalisation decreasing the number of jobs available in the domestic industrial services industry, engineers and machine builders are highly sought after in Germany. Because of the increased outsourcing of industrial services, demand for market information and a list of suppliers is on the rise.

Lünendonk GmbH has been monitoring the market for industrial services since 2008.

Security Service Providers

Security services are part of the whole facility management service market, which is analysed by Lünendonk GmbH since 2004. The Lünendonk® Market Segment Study covering the security services matter, published in 2010, is the company’s first publication on the development of security firms active in Germany. Our goal is to analyse the market based on numbers, data and facts in order to increase transparency. Beyond that we also considered criteria like business activities, client structure, trends, obstacles and other issues.