Lünendonk-Business-to-Business-Service-Award (B2B) 2018



Lünendonk Study 2018: Legal consultancy Companies in Germany

The study is now available in our shop.

Lünendonk®-List 2018: Management Consultancies in Germany

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New Lünendonk®-Consulting specialist book 

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NEW: Lünendonk® analysis in cooperation with Deltek

Increasing customer needs and profitable project management require integrated software solutions. The analysis is available here for free.

Lünendonk®-Study 2018: Insurance companies under time pressure

The study is now here avaible.

Lünendonk®-Study: Business Innovation & Tranformation

The study is now here avaible.

Lünendonk®-Whitepaper: Facilities Management for Data Center

What makes it different: Download our new whitepaper.


Lünendonk®-Whitepaper: outsourcing and digitalisation in  facility management

The whitepaper is now available for free.


Lünendonk® Study 2017: temporary employment and personnel services in Germany

The Lünendonk® study is now available in our shop.


  • Lünendonk®-Magazin Ausgabe 2/2017 Schwerpunkt Immobilienwirtschaft in Deutschland - more


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