Auditing / Tax Consulting

The “Big Four” are especially well-known among the auditing businesses in Germany. A continuous, comprehensive investigation of the other leading auditing firms in Germany was not available until after the turn of the millennium. From 2006 onwards, the Lünendonk Rankings and Studies display which players are active in the German market and show which strategies, revenues and trends are visible.

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Auditing / Tax Consulting

Apart from auditing, these companies also offer other services like tax consulting, financial consulting (financial advisory, financial transactions consulting, due diligence, etc.) and more. Because of this market’s standardisation and maturity, offered services are increasingly hard to differentiate.

Since 2006 Lünendonk GmbH has been continually monitoring the German auditing market. This expansion of the portfolio makes for a good addition to the Lünendonk® Study “Leading Management Consultancies in Germany”, especially because currently a trend is visible of auditing companies tending to strengthen their consulting capacities again.

Lünendonk ranks the top 25 of those auditing firms who generate at least 60 per cent of their revenue with auditing, tax consultancy (without tax declaration and accountancy), corporate finance and legal advices, whereas 15 per cent need to apply to classic auditing (without auditing-related consulting). The comprehensive survey titled: “Leading Auditing- and Tax consultancy Companies in Germany” mentions the top 25, as well as other Auditing- and Tax Consultancy firms.

Lünendonk®-Magazin über Facetten der internationalen Steuer- und Rechtsberatung

Mit gut 20 Beiträgen greift das Lünendonk Magazin aktuelle Themen der internationalen Steuer- oder Rechtsfunktion auf. So gehen die Autoren beispielsweise auf Regulierung und Zukunftsmodelle ebenso ein wie auf Compliance, Digitalisierung, Rechtsberatung, Mittelstand, Kundenbedarf und interne Organisation der Mandanten.

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