Technology Consulting / Engineering Services

The world of the future is green and digital: intelligent products, Connected Car, electromobility, autonomous driving, digital factories, Industry 4,0, etc. Providers of technology consulting and engineering services as innovation partners support industrial enterprises in staying one step ahead of international competitors. Lünendonk continuously analyses the market for of technology consulting and engineering services between the poles of skilled workers shortage, globalisation, and technology transfer.

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Technology Consulting and Engineering Services

Providers of Technology Consulting and Engineering Services usually aim their consulting activities at their clients’ product development. These products are sold on to end customers, often as parts of a whole product.

Such services can include product design and development, the conception of embedded systems and matching software, systems integration, simulations, validation and verification, but also consulting services like research and innovation consulting or corporate strategy and process consulting, e.g. for innovation in production processes.

This definition clearly separates technology consulting and engineering services from IT consultancies and systems integrations companies, who focus their consulting activities on the processes and operational procedures of clients.

Veränderte Rahmenbedingungen fordern Engineering Services heraus

Externe Engineering Services sind zu einem festen Bestandteil der Entwicklungsstrategie geworden. Die Anforderungen steigen. Was bedeutet das für den Anbietermarkt?