Competence Partners

Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH cultivates co-operations and partnerships with diverse experts of market research and future management.


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Center for Service Excellence (CSE)

The Center for Service Excellence (CSE) has many years of experience in the optimization of service management and marketing as well as in the implementation of service excellence. It is headed by Prof. Dr. Matthias Gouthier, Chair of Marketing and Electronic Services at the University of Koblenz-Landau. The CSE supports companies in their development towards service excellence through workshops, executive training, networking, research studies and innovative advice.


FutureManagementGroup AG is an internationally active group of experts specialising in future management and early detection of future markets since 1991. The team around chairman Pero Mićić helps decision makers to see, understand and seize more of the future markets than their competitiors. FMG helps to recognise future threats and opportunities early, to develop and implement future strategies and to improve the future competence of clients’ employees.


German Speakers Association

The German Speakers Association e.V. (GSA) throughout Europe is the leading professional association for professional orators, trainer, and coaches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Via the umbrella organisation Global Speakers Federation (GSF) the GSA globally is connected with more than 5,000 experts. This network unifies and connects all kinds of industries which have one thing in common: transfer of knowledge by experts to an audience. The GSA aims at creating a forum for professional orators in order to learn from the best as well as to develop, deepen and pass on ideas and experiences for the benefit of others.


House of IT

The House of IT is a public-private partnership to promote innovative information and communication technologies in Europe. Representatives from industry, research and politics all work together in the House of IT. We combine expertise, promote collaboration and provide diverse stimuli for the interdisciplinary development and design of innovative IT projects. At the House of IT, we research future-oriented topics, develop IT training programs, and provide support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

isi Medien GmbH

isi Medien GmbH is an independent media company who has been professionally supporting IT market communication between customers and suppliers in all areas of information and communication technologies since 1970, back then still as Nomina GmbH. By constantly monitoring the market we register software solutions and suppliers, mainly on the German IT market, in our ISIS databases. We systematically describe software products, IT projects and companies offering IT solutions and services, and thereby make it easier for you to compare the information.

VIVAI AG, Dr Bettina Horster (executive board member)

Certified computer scientist Dr Bettina Horster heads VIVAI Software AG’s consulting department and is also responsible for the M-Business portfolio. Since 1996 she has been very intensively studying mobile services and providing real pioneer work. Through several studies, events and networking activities she significantly influenced the mobile scene. Since 2000 Dr Bettina Horster is leading the M-Commerce research group at eco (Association of the German Internet Industry). Having worked on the MobilMedia initiative, she returned to BMWi as head of the PR and networking activities of the key project SimoBIT. Before that, she was business development manager at VEBA Telecom GmbH and responsible for the Mobile Value Added Services and Internet Business areas (E-Plus,, Cablecom (Switzerland),, Swiss Online, Telecolumbus). Previously she had been working for two international corporate consultancies. Dr Horster studied computer sciences, among others, at the University of Dortmund and the University of California, Berkeley, and received her PhD in business economics at the University of Münster.