(Source: Touristinfo Mindelheim)

The office of Lünendonk & Hossenfelder GmbH is located in Mindelheim, about 90 kilometres (about 56 miles) west of Munich on the Autobahn A96 to Lindau / Zürich and 60 kilometres (about 37 miles) south of Augsburg.

Because of the nearby airports, motorways and train stations Mindelheim has a sound infrastructure. The Autobahn A96 enable a rapid journey. It will take you just under an hour to reach Mindelheim from Munich. The Mindelheim train station is the crossing point of the railway line München - Lindau - Zurich and the Mittelschwaben track and opens up the city to the near and far rail. By plane your options are the airports at Munich, Stuttgart, Augsburg and Memmingen.

Mindelheim is in close proximity to the renowned polytechnics, academies and universities of Munich, Augsburg, Ulm and Kempten. At 15,000 inhabitants, Mindelheim has a sound infrastructure.

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Address: Maximilianstraße 40, D-87719 Mindelheim
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